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Stirling’s Best CBD Oil [Updated 2024]

The Numerous Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil can offset your downcast feelings.

CBD’s potential benefits include improving one’s emotions when low self-confidence sets in due to extreme sadness. There was this study in Brazil that supports such an effect.

In the mentioned study, a Brazilian healthcare journal conducted a simulated public speaking test for its volunteer healthy subjects. The goal is to determine if CBD can help boost one’s confidence in public speaking.

In this controlled trial, the participants were divided into groups:

  • One group receives a placebo
  • One group receives 150 milligrams of CBD
  • One group receives 300 milligrams of CBD
  • One group receives 600 milligrams of CBD

Interestingly, the one that received 300 milligrams of CBD demonstrated a noteworthy increase of self-confidence during the public speaking test as compared to those who got the placebo.

Moreover, another study revealed that CBD demonstrated effects akin to calming dietary supplements. In essence, these studies hint that CBD may help individuals with low self-esteem as indicated by the public speaking test.

How does CBD do it?

CBD is known for its ability to influence the human endocannabinoid system or ECS (more of this later). The cannabinoid’s ability to interact with the human ECS could help individuals experience improvement on the following:

  • Handling of life stressors
  • Overall mood
  • Concentration
  • State of mind

CBD oil can promote brain health.

CBD has also become popular because of its positive effects on brain health, although this effect requires more research accompanied by a systematic review.

For example, CBD may help people with sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain. If not addressed, individuals with such condition could display uncontrolled muscle movements such as twitching, stiffness, or limpness.

How does CBD do it?

Scientists believe, through preclinical evidence, that CBD can stimulate the release of a special brain chemical called GABA. This GABA may help stop the production of too much electricity in the human brain, which may lead to unwanted outcomes.

CBD oil can help you sleep well.

A good night’s sleep is vital to experience proper wellness and overall health. According to experts, we need at least 7 hours of sleep each night. A good and uninterrupted sleep will make you feel well-rested and completely energized.

Unfortunately, achieving a good night’s sleep might be difficult for many, and this could lead to unwanted health conditions. But there is one increasing strategy that could help you fall and stay asleep for recommended hours.

CBD oil is commonly used to promote restorative sleep. Many buyers of Stirling CBD oils testify to the power of CBD to help attain a well-needed shut-eye.

How does CBD do it?

The human ECS is also capable of inducing the human body to sleep since it regulates the known sleep-wake cycle. Based on a systematic review of CBD’s interaction with the human ECS, the cannabinoid can promote a more balanced sleep-wake cycle. in turn, it helps individuals fall asleep more easily and maintain a more consistent sleep pattern.

CBD oil can alleviate your pain.

CBD can also treat recurring pain which will help a lot of people. Individuals with backpain, joint pain, and muscle pain are all good candidates to experiencing CBD’s pain-reducing effects. Studies show that CBD can help decrease how the body receives and perceives pain.

How does CBD do it?

There are many ways in which CBD can help relieve pain. One known CBD’s mechanism of actions to disrupt pain signal transmission by temporarily by temporarily deactivating pain receptors throughout the body. One study found CBD administered directly to localized pain areas deactivated TRPV1 receptors responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.

CBD oil can aid your weight loss journey.

With increasing obesity rates, many people are looking for effective ways to shed unwanted weight. Emerging research studies suggest that CBD can be one’s effective ally to addressing their rising weight scale readings.

How does CBD do it?

The body’s ECS regulates several bodily processes, appetite included, as well as metabolism and energy storage. Cannabidiol (CBD) may induce certain biological changes that could result in weight loss.

Cannabidiol (CBD) could suppress appetite. Specific animal studies suggest that CBD administration provides test subjects with significantly decreased food intake. The explanation behind this is that CBD might have blocked CB1 receptors that promote eating habits. Thus, a smaller appetite leads to lowered caloric intake.

Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Oils in 2024

With the legalization of CBD products due to the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill, several CBD suppliers have emerged. However, not all of them sell quality CBD products. Due to this fact, there is a high chance that you’ll buy CBD oil products from mediocre stores.

To avoid the above-mentioned situation, here are some guidelines for you:

Buy from a reputable online store.

When looking to buy CBD oil or other CBD products like hemp oil online, it is of utmost importance to purchase from a reputable source. Buying CBD products like oils and hemp extracts from untrustworthy sites risks exposure to toxic materials, inaccurate CBD levels, or even synthetic CBD which does not offer the expected benefits and effects.

Also, sketchy retailers may overcharge for products that under-deliver on any health benefits claims. Without lab testing or accountability, new brands will easily exploit uninformed buyers hoping to cash in on the so-called “Green Rush.”

Your best way here is to stick to well-known CBD retailers with longstanding reputations for purity such as Stirling CBD. Our brand protects consumers from potential hazards of dealing with pop-up shops or fly-by-night operators with little accountability.

Prioritize the safety of the CBD oil.

When incorporating CBD oil into your routine, making safety a priority is very important, especially with the CBD industry largely unregulated still. Hemp’s ability to draw up heavy metals, pesticides, mold, and other contaminants from the soil.

This fact means extractions of CBD oil can contain dangerous residues if not properly tested. For such a reason, always check for an independent lab testing as you shop for cannabidiol extracts sold online.

Stirling CBD conducts frequent batch test and are transparent with sharing updated Certificates of Analysis or lab data reports. By so doing, we are avoiding issues concerning labelling accuracy.

Additionally, opt for brands that are certified by the US Hemp Authority because its seal verifies adherence to stringent regulations around quality control and consumer protection.

The audit and compliance process of US Hemp Authority analyzes facilities, processing practices, and final products with the aim of decreasing consumer risk. Brands with this seal have undergone scrutiny across the entire supply chain.

Look for reasonable and flexible pricing schemes.

When evaluating CBD products to buy, taking a close look at pricing and return policies is advised. Due to lack of regulation in the CBD industry, there can be drastic price variances between brands depending on manufacturing processes and overall business practices. Less scrupulous companies may inflate prices excessively compared to the quality of product offered.

It’s also wise to consider brands with flexible return policies, especially if you are purchasing a particular CBD product for the first time. This allows you to obtain a refund if a specific formulation does not provide the expected results. As everyone has unique body chemistry and responses to CBD, having the flexibility to change products or flavors easily can make finding your optimal dose, format, and potency smoother until desired wellness effects are achieved.

Examine the hemp quality.

Not all hemp is grown equal. Industrial hemp plants are bioaccumulators, meaning they absorb everything present in the surrounding soil, air and water. This includes beneficial nutrients but also potential toxins if cultivation standards are subpar.

Brands focused on the highest quality will grow hemp organically using clean farming practices to limit exposure of the plants to heavy metals, pesticides, or mold. They will also harvest USA grown hemp rather than importing from other countries with looser regulations. Knowing the exact sources of the plants, as well as details on growing standards, will eliminate guesswork for consumers.

Go for brands that value sustainability.

Companies focused on sustainability, where Stirlng CBD proudly belongs to, will often use organic ingredients. Such a step minimizes inclusion of questionable additives like artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives in their formulas.

Prioritizing organic, gluten free and non-GMO ingredients also helps the environment, promotes more ethical production methods and appeals to modern shoppers.

If the hemp is mindfully and sustainably grown, it will require less extraction process and refinement. This will preserve the naturally-occurring cannabinoids of hemp which work best with human physiology.

Consider a responsive and caring customer response team.

Responsiveness should occur from the very first interaction. Leading CBD companies are known for their customer service teams that are readily available to provide answers and assistance to both CBD newcomers and veterans.

Support should also continue during post-purchase to troubleshoot issues that may emerge upon receiving the ordered products. This may be achieved through helpful email correspondence or access to chat/phone assistance.

Here at Stirling we incorporate a high level of care, patience and knowledge to help our customers. Our exceptional customer care team views building relationships with customers a top responsibility rather than an afterthought.

Identify the method of CBD extraction.

CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids can be sourced from hemp or cannabis plants through a few different extraction processes:

Solvent extraction

This extraction method is the most common method if you are looking for high-efficiency harvests. In this approach, solutions like ethanol, butane, and propane function as solvents to extract the trichomes. Once they are obtained, the trichomes are used to produce raw plant oils. While effective, additional refinement is required to remove remaining residue solvents like butane most notoriously.

CO2 extraction utilizes pressurized carbon dioxide to separate CBD and is considered the cleanest solvent-based approach.

Solventless extraction

Meanwhile, solventless extraction (as implied by the name) avoids harmful chemicals for the sake of purity. Here are some of the solventless extractions:

  1. Hash extractionThis traditional method involves drying hemp leaves and plants under direct sunlight. After drying, the plant material undergoes a shifting process through screens, which will result in a filtered material.Another variant of hash extraction is bubble hash. For this solventless extraction, hemp leaves and flowers are subjected to an ice bath inside a container. Subsequent filtration ensures that only fine particles remain in the final product.
  2. Rosin extractionThe next solventless extraction involves heat and pressure to release oils from hemp leaves and flowers. The method is straightforward, involving taking hash or kief (finely chopped plant material) and applying heat and pressure through a press.
  3. Cavitation extractionThe third type of extraction is a cutting-edge one and is currently employed by Stirling CBD. In this process, hemp biomass is immersed in distilled ice water at 33 degrees Celsius, causing the trichomes to freeze and crystallize.The crystallized trichomes are then exposed to an impeller spinning at an impressive 22,000 RPM. Afterward, microbubbles are formed which then burst upon contact with the crystallized trichomes, causing them to release their compounds.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

The legal status of CBD oil is complicated and rapidly evolving. Technically, under federal law, CBD is legal if it is derived from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC, based on the 2018 Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill removed all hemp-derived products, CBD oil included, from the Controlled Substances Act. This piece of legislation criminalizes the possession of drugs.

However, many states have additional restrictions or qualifications regarding CBD legality. Ultimately, the law varies depending on the source of the cannabidiol oil, the chemical composition of the product, and where you are located.

Broadly, hemp-grown CBD oil containing less than 0.3% THC is legal at the federal level, but remains outlawed under some state laws. Marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal federally, but legal under certain state laws in places where marijuana is recreationally or medically legal.

Additionally, transporting CBD products across state lines could violate federal or state laws, so checking legality where you are traveling is crucial.

It’s also vital to note the FDA has not approved non-prescription CBD products, which means quality, safety, and accurate labeling are questionable. So while accessing CBD is getting easier, ensuring you get a legal, tested product still requires research. As more states establish frameworks allowing for legal CBD and more clinical research supports it, the landscape will likely keep evolving towards broader legal access.

But in the meantime, understanding restrictions where you live is necessary to stay compliant. The best approach is verifying local laws before purchasing any CBD products.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is causing quite a stir in the health and wellness communities. But, with so many cannabis components and products on the market these days, what precisely is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis sativa plant type. Marijuana and hemp are both members of this plant family. CBD, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the second most common cannabinoid generated by this plant genus after THC.

CBD, unlike THC, does not produce an intoxicated or “high” feeling. This is because CBD does not connect directly to the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors, which control pleasure, movement, thinking, and concentration. Instead, CBD may help to alleviate pain, worries, uncontrollable movement, sleep problems, and other symptoms by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the body.

CBD oil, in particular, is an oil that contains concentrated levels of pure CBD extracted from cannabis plant parts, most commonly the flowers. CBD oil delivers considerable health advantages without any psychoactivity or “high” from THC by bottling concentrated CBD from hemp plants that are naturally strong in this cannabinoid and low in THC.

What Different Types of CBD Oils Are There?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As the name indicates, full spectrum CBD oil refers to oil that contains all the natural components of the hemp plant rather than just isolated CBD. This means full spectrum CBD contains CBD along with terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace amounts of THC.

The hemp plant contains over 100 distinct cannabinoids along with a variety of aromatic terpenes and nutrients. By processing the entire hemp plant instead of just extracting the CBD compound, all these valuable organic compounds are retained in the final full spectrum CBD oil through a process called whole plant extraction.

Many health experts believe retaining all the compounds together provides synergistic benefits that exceed the impacts of isolated CBD. This concept, that the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts, is called “entourage effect”.

Specifically, terpenes may enhance CBD’s painkilling properties, flavonoids its anti swelling action, while even trace THC may impart greater relaxation. Having a diversity of cannabis components allows them to target wider receptors and pathways for potentially broader therapeutic benefits.

So while isolated CBD certainly has proven efficacy, opting for whole plant, full spectrum CBD oil may provide optimization of effects and more complete health support due to the combined synergistic action of multiple cannabis compounds working together.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil is a middle ground option between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD, incorporating some of the entourage effect while avoiding THC.

Like full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD contains a range of cannabis compounds including cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBC, along with terpenes and flavonoids. This allows a diverse number of plant elements to work together, creating synergistic benefits that exceed what isolated CBD can offer.

However, through advanced chromatography filtering, broad-spectrum CBD has THC completely removed. For those wanting to avoid even trace THC due to drug testing concerns or personal preference, the broad spectrum provides the versatility of the entourage effect while eradicating THC.

Since THC is fully eliminated, broad-spectrum CBD oil can ensure people receive optimization from a diverse profile of hemp’s beneficial botanicals without the risk of intoxication or failed drug tests. It serves as the sweet spot midpoint between isolate and full spectrum for some users.

CBD Isolates Oil

CBD isolate is a highly purified crystallized form of CBD that is 99% cannabidiol. It is the most refined CBD product available on the market.

During the CBD isolation process, all plant compounds, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and various cannabinoids besides CBD, are removed. This leaves behind pure powdered CBD concentrate.

CBD isolate contains no THC, terpenes, flavonoids, or any other plant compounds. It is essentially pure cannabidiol in crystalline form creating a fine white powder that only contains CBD molecules.

The isolation process gives CBD isolate very little taste or aroma. It also allows for incredibly high concentrations of CBD because there are no other plant compounds to dilute the purity and potency. CBD isolate can thus deliver more CBD to the body’s native systems in extremely precise doses.

However, the other plant compounds provide a synergistic effect known as the “entourage effect” that amplifies the benefits of CBD. So CBD isolate may be less effective therapeutically than full spectrum CBD products for some people.

How Does CBD Work in the Human Body?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is well-known for its ability to interact with the body’s domestic endocannabinoid system (ECS). Because of this quality, CBD can instruct the ECS to produce its potential therapeutic effects.

The human ECS consists of three components:

  1. Naturally-occurring endocannabinoids
  2. Cannabinoid receptors
  3. Metabolic enzymes

CBD is believed to directly activate the cannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Two main cannabinoids come to mind that CBD can influence – CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors deal more with cognition, mood, and movement. On the other hand, CB2 receptors have greater effects on immune tissues and modulate how we perceive and experience pain.

CBD can interact with CB2 receptors and this explains why it can encourage the potential benefits it is known for. Lastly, CBD has weak influence on CB1 receptors, unlike THC, and this is the reason why CBD has weaker “high.”

Stirling’s Best CBD Oils for You in 2024

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mg

Derived exclusively from high-quality, USA-grown industrial hemp, this full-spectrum CBD oil will lead you to a unique, relaxing CBD experience. Packaged in a convenient 30mL bottle, Stirling presents its world-class full-spectrum CBD tincture. The entourage effect inevitably calms your tired body.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1800mg

Stirling’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1800mg encapsulates the company’s commitment to offering a top-of-the-line CBD experience. From potency to flavor options, this product is designed to meet the needs and preferences of experienced CBD users seeking the highest quality in their relaxing CBD regimen.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg

If you’re searching for a high-quality CBD experience without the influence of THC, this 1500mg CBD oil is the perfect solution. It is made from top-tier organic ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Sourced from US-grown organic hemp plants, Stirling’s Broad Spectrum CBD oil retains the majority of active compounds found in hemp buds, offering a comprehensive CBD experience without the presence of THC. Easily incorporate drops of this THC-free CBD oil into your foods, beverages, or topicals, allowing you to integrate it into your daily routine seamlessly. Whether you prefer to take it directly or infuse it into your favorite recipes, Stirling’s CBD oil offers a flexible and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg

Stirling’s THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg is a potent tincture meticulously crafted to provide a substantial boost to your endocannabinoid system. Derived from US-grown hemp plants, our Broad Spectrum CBD oil encapsulates the majority of active compounds found in hemp buds while being completely free of THC.

At Stirling, we understand that the bitter taste of Broad Spectrum CBD can be a concern. That’s why our THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg comes in two delightful flavors, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without any unpleasant aftertaste.

What Makes Stirling CBD Oils Stand Out from the Competition

Stirling CBD is home to top-quality products that could provide you with the CBD benefits you are looking for. Below are some of the factors that give Stirling CBD a glowing brand reputation:

Solventless Extraction

Stirling uses solventless extraction to gently and organically remove the trichomes from the hemp plant. The trichomes are the sticky substance of the hemp plant where all the cannabinoids are; they are what Snoop Dog calls the “Sticky Icky.” In this approach, extracting CBD is done by freezing the trichomes and putting the hemp bio-mass in distilled ice water.

The ice water freezes the trichomes, which crystallizes them. Once the trichomes are frozen, we put the hemp flower through some pipes where they encounter an impeller that rotates at 20,000 RPM. This creates micro-bubbles, which hit the frozen trichomes and break them apart.

This is called “Cavitation,” a process only Stirling uses; it ensures you get the cleaned, purest CBD available in the market.

Stirling does not use CO2 Extraction or Ethanol Extraction to make our CBD Products – we only use air and water. This Pure CBD extraction process gives us a great cannabinoid profile in our CBD gummies and other CBD products. All of which are free of contaminants such as heavy metals.

High Potency & Better Ingredients

Stirling uses only organic hemp as we sell CBD products including our oils. We carefully cultivate the hemp plant and ensure it meets our strict production standards.

Stirling combines the best hemp plants with our ultra-clean extraction to make the best CBD Oil. After the CBD Oil is extracted, we combine the oil with amazing additional organic ingredients – all the time! Our CBD gummies are gluten-free, Vegan, and non-GMO to give you the best CBD Gummies.

Great Price Point & Amazing Customer Service

Making the best CBD Gummies is not good enough. Stirling wants to bring you quality products at affordable prices. We have a great lineup of products with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Our customer service options include a chat tool on our website (with a real person), a direct phone number connecting you to a real person, and you can always email, which will be responded to by a real person.

Other CBD-Based Products That You Can Try in 2024

CBD Gummies

These are candies infused with CBD oil. CBD gummies come in fun shapes and tantalizing colors. And of course, they are yummy, too. Taking CBD in gummy form allows for oral consumption. Plus their dose is pretty accurate which means you can easily limit your intake and adjust up or down incrementally based on your preference.

CBD Lotions

Like the gummies, CBD lotions contain CBD oils. They are topicals which means you would need to directly apply them onto your skin. CBD lotions are perfect if you are into massaging the pain-relieving effects of CBD onto the affected area of your body.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules allow for simple, precise oral dosing in the form of a small pill. Popular kinds are soft gel capsules, which use soft membranes that readily dissolve for better absorption compared to hard capsules. Taking CBD capsules provides systemic effects and convenience.

Risk and Safety of CBD Oils

When considering taking CBD oil or integrating other CBD products into your wellness routine, it is crucial to understand both the potential benefits and the safety considerations and potential side effects. Many turn to CBD to naturally help moderate symptoms of issues like worries, pain, swelling, and more based on promising research about its therapeutic potential.

In terms of safety, reputable brands focused on consumer protection will have their CBD oils and other products vetted by independent third-party labs testing for purity and potency as well as potential toxins. This provides assurance you are getting what is advertised. Reading COAs assures any lingering solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals are below determined safety thresholds for consumption or topical use.

As far as side effects, research shows CBD is very well tolerated by most but can cause interactions with other medications, disrupt motor skills, or temporarily alter digestion, similar to dietary supplements. Furthermore, proper dosing mitigates adverse effects as well – taking too much CBD can amplify its effects.

While more clinical research is still needed, the safety profile and regulations governing quality CBD oils and infused products continue progressing to protect consumers. Still doing due diligence provides confidence that reputable providers focused on transparency offers the greatest peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the effects of CBD oil kick in?

Determining when you’ll start feeling the benefits of CBD oil can be tricky, depending on the type of product used and individual body chemistry. However, by understanding absorption rates for different consumption methods, you can better manage your expectations.

CBD products taken sublingually, like concentrated oil and lozenges, allow for almost immediate absorption directly into the bloodstream through membranes under the tongue. Simply dropping your dose under your tongue rather than swallowing allows CBD compound to enter your system within 30 seconds to 1 minute, with effects starting to be felt within 15 minutes with a plateau at around 45 minutes for the highest concentration.

How should you store your best CBD oil?

Properly storing your CBD oil helps preserve its beneficial cannabinoids and overall quality for optimized longevity and potency. Shielding CBD extracts from light, heat, and excess oxygen exposure through proper storage allows them to stay effective for the full lifespan of the product – generally at least 12 months.

CBD oil should always be kept in a dark, cool place for ideal freshness retention. Like other beneficial oils, the ideal conditions are away from heat-emitting appliances, out of steamy bathrooms bathrooms and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Tightly sealed in an opaque bottle additionally protects from UV light degradation and oxygen exposure that evaporates volatile compounds.

What is the strongest CBD oil you can take?

While the therapeutic potential of CBD oil seems boundless, with new benefits continually being found, even good things come with some caveats. When ingesting CBD, finding your optimal dose means achieving the desired effects while avoiding unwanted side effects. So while there technically is no legal upper limit, taking an extreme amount of CBD oil can result in negative reactions.

Most human and animal research has shown CBD doses up to 1500mg per day have been well tolerated physiologically. However, consuming anywhere near that amount would be extremely costly and likely unnecessary therapeutically. Furthermore, body chemistry plays a major role in appropriate dosing – a quantity suitable for one person could produce unwelcome effects in another.

Is CBD similar to THC?

While it’s easy to confuse CBD and THC, given their mutual origins in the cannabis plant family, investigating a little deeper elucidates several core differences that set these two popular cannabinoids distinctly apart.

Firstly, though CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) share structural similarities, atomic variations in their molecular chains make them interact quite differently with the human endocannabinoid system. In fact, CBD indirectly stimulates cannabinoid receptors weakly, while THC directly overactivates them, eliciting psychoactive euphoria and other effects.

Furthermore, today’s CBD sourced from legal hemp plants contains less than 0.3% THC content, while marijuana sold in dispensaries often contains 15-30% THC or, more specifically, to induce highs. So while THC intoxicates, CBD elicits no high, which opens doors to widespread therapeutic use without behavioral impacts.

Will you fail a drug test if you consume CBD oils?

Using CBD products could still result in a failed drug test for some users depending on individual factors. Most CBD oil sold legally online and over-the-counter comes from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC, the intoxicating compound that shows up on tests. With consistent, low THC concentrations, pure CBD oil use alone shouldn’t cause you to fail screening.

However, factors like product mislabeling, trace contamination during manufacturing, or even body chemistry can very

Can animals consume CBD oils?

Both randomized clinical trials and anecdotal records state that our favorite four-legged friends may consume CBD oils safely. Dogs and cats also possess an innate endocannabinoid system which interacts with CBD. Thus, the potential benefits of a hemp oil to humans can be extended to our fur friends.

Can CBD help with cigarette consumption?

Preliminary findings suggest that cannabidiol reduces cigarette intake among volunteer tobacco smokers. One good reason why CBD shows promise is that it may adress certain underlying factors that make quitting smoking very difficult such as nicotine cravings and difficulties with impulse control.

What is the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp extract?

To produce hemp seed oil, you would need to press hemp seeds to extract the oil within them. This type of oil contains little to no CBD or other cannabinoids. Due to this quality, hemp seed oil does not provide the benefits we commonly associate with CBD.

On the other hand, a hemp extract is one name given to a CBD oil. It is a concentrated extraction made from hemp leaves and flowers. Since a hemp extract is rich in CBD it may offer the potential benefits of the cannabidiol (CBD).

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil refers to a plant-based oil where essentials oils are diluted before being applied to the skin. Hemp seed oil and coconut oil are some examples of carrier oil. When used as massage oil, CBD oils are proven to be effective in addressing muscle tightness.

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