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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil What is Better and Why
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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil? What is Better and Why?

Hemp Vs. CBD Oil, let’s find out. In 2018, the introduction of the Farm Bill made the production of industrial hemp legal in the United States. Soon to follow was the legalization of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, with restrictions varying from state to state.

Since this legalization, a surge of cannabis-related products has flooded the market with various labels and subtypes that make it hard to distinguish the differences between each product.

There is a lot of confusion between Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil – some of the confusion is on purpose.

As the industry continues to grow, more and more manufacturers introduce new and improved products that lead to further confusion.

To help consumers like you find the right product to suit their needs, we have broken down the main types of cannabis-related products on the market.

Take a look to see how each of these products differs from one another and how you can narrow down the choices to find what’s best for you.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is extracted from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

To extract the oil from the seeds, the seeds are pressed, processed, and further refined before being bottled.

Hemp oil typically comes from the industrial variety of Cannabis Sativa and it contains no cannabinoids or Terpenes that are responsible for alleviating the symptoms of various medical conditions.

While hemp oil provides no medical benefits for your medical ailments, it does contain a high concentration of Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids, and protein.

These nutrients help promote a healthy immune system, fight off cardiovascular disease, and help keep your hair, skin, and nails looking their best.

Due to its nutritional properties, health food stores and other companies have sold hemp oil for cooking for decades.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil? What is Better and Why? 0

CBD oil, it comes from any of the variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant by extracting the oil from the plant’s leaves, flowers, stems, and stalks. Companies use several different methods to extract the oil from the plants including ethanol, olive oil, and carbon dioxide.

However, the extraction process can affect the quality of CBD oil. More so, CBD oil can have up to 0.3% THC according to Federal Law in the United States and it can also contain multiple different Cannabinoids.


Despite having different profiles and different purposes for their use, hemp oil and CBD oil have a lot of similarities.

Some of the similarities found between the two include:

  • • Both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant
  • • Neither provides the typical intoxicating feeling seen with Marijuana
  • • You can safely ingest both
  • • You can apply either option topically


Now that you have compared their similarities, it is important to understand their difference. The differences between the two types of oil include:

  • • CBD oil and Hemp oil come from different parts of the plant
  • • Hemp only gets extracted from Industrial Cannabis Sativa Plants while CBD is extracted from several different variations
  • • CBD oil comes with a Certificate of Analysis that tells you exactly what is in the oil, while hemp does not
  • • CBD oil can contain several different Cannabinoids and hemp contains none

CBD Oil vs Hemp Extract

The terms CBD oil and hemp extract are used interchangeably in the CBD industry, despite having significant differences between them.

Hemp Extract is sourced from the raw seeds of the hemp plant and CBD oil is extracted from all parts of the plant including the stalks, flowers, stems, and leaves.

In addition, hemp extract is easy to source from the plant, while CBD oil uses a multi-step process that requires specialized training and equipment.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil? What is Better and Why? 0

In addition, CBD Oil contains a variety of cannabinoids used to treat various health conditions and is only available through licensed retailers.

Hemp extract falls more in the category of essential oils and you can purchase it anywhere you would normally purchase an essential oil.

Plus, hemp extract is used as an ingredient in almost everything including beauty products and dietary supplements due to its high nutrient profile.

While both options can contain CBD and offer health benefits to you as a consumer, CBD oil is known to provide the most benefits for various health conditions and can legally contain a small percentage of THC.

CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies

The biggest difference between CBD oil and CBD Gummies is how they are made. CBD oil is made using all the parts of the hemp plant and turning it into the oil with a few added ingredients as possible.

CBD Gummies are made by extracting CBD oil from the plant and using it as one of the many ingredients used to make your traditional gummy-style candy. In addition, you administer your dosage of CBD oil using a medicine dropper which can make it hard to get the correct dosage every time you use it.

With CBD gummies, all the ingredients are premeasured giving you a precise dose every time you take them. More so, CBD oil requires placing the oil under your tongue, and gummies are consumed just as you would eat your traditional candy.

Furthermore, you will begin to feel the effects of CBD oil between 10-minutes to 30-minutes after consumption, while gummies can take anywhere from 30-minutes to 120-minutes to fully kick in.

Plus, CBD oil and CBD Gummies are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to absorption rates. CBD oil falls on the highest end of the scale when it comes to absorption and CBD Gummies fall on the lowest end of the scale.

Benefits of CBD Oil

One of the reasons why CBD oil has gained so much popularity is because of the wide array of ailments that it treats.

Some of the health benefits you’ll receive from CBD Oil include:

1. Manage Mental Illness: Studies show that regular use of CBD Oil can help you manage a variety of mental health disorders by changing the way your brain’s receptors respond to Serotonin.

2. Improve Insomnia: The properties of CBD Oil cause drowsiness which helps induce sleep and improve the symptoms of sleeplessness

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil? What is Better and Why? 0

3. Reduces the swelling found in the brain CB1 receptor, helping to slow down diseases that cause the brain and nervous system to deteriorate

4. Reduce upset stomach and relief from regurgitation

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil and CBD Gummies FAQ


Fact#1: Which Product Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Medical Conditions?

CBD oil and CBD Gummies are the most popular choice when it comes to symptom relief and managing various health conditions. However, Hemp extract is acceptable as it contains some beneficial cannabinoids that can treat mild symptoms to less serious health conditions. It is also a challenge as Hemp Extract is not as pure as CBD Oil and may not be regulated.

Fact#2: Why Does CBD Oil Cost More Than Hemp Oil or Hemp Extract?

When you compare the prices of Hemp oil or Hemp extract to that of CBD Oil, you will notice a significant difference. The reason why CBD Oil is more expensive as it requires specialized training and equipment to extract from the hemp plant. In addition, it takes much longer to extract and bottle CBD oil for use than the other options.

Fact#3: Will Any of These Products Get Me High?

No, none of the products will get you high like your traditional marijuana due to its low THC content. However, Delta 8 THC products fall into a different category.

Fact#4: Are These Products Safe to Consume?

In short, yes. If you follow the recommended dosage of each product, they are perfectly safe to consume or use topically.

Fact#5: How do I Know the CBD is High-Quality

The best way to check the quality of your CBD Oil is by checking the Certificate of Analysis or COA. This Certificate tells you how the oil is sourced and all the ingredients in the product. Most reputable companies have no problem showing you their COA.

Fact#6: Will CBD Gummies Help Me Sleep?

It is very likely that CBD gummies will help you sleep, at least to some extent. A lot of people have reported success in this department, and these anecdotal stories are not without evidence behind them. CBD is a very interesting medicine because it does not produce a “high,” but it does seem to relax the nervous system in a noticeable way. Thus, it provides many people with a mild relaxation aid that is very reliable.

There are cases in which CBD has been successfully used to treat certain sleep problems. According to this study, a majority of patients experienced significant improvement in the quality of their sleep after being dosed with CBD. Do not that additional studies need to be done to fully verify it’s effectiveness.

So, to answer the question plainly: CBD gummies can possibly help you to sleep more easily. There is still more ample evidence needed to demonstrate its ability to do that.

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