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Stirling THC-Free Gummies are easy to take, taste great, and offer great therapeutic benefits. Stirling Gummies are the way to if you are looking for CBD Edibles – we make the best gummies, and it’s not even close. Why can we say this? Stirling Gummies hold an edge over competitors’ CBD gummies for three reasons:

Solventless Extraction

Stirling utilizes solvent-free extraction techniques to extract CBD from hemp plants’ trichomes. Our solventless extraction uses only distilled ice water and cavitation to remove the CBD, and therefore, we get clean, Pure CBD.

Stirling does not use CO2 Extraction or Ethanol Extraction to make our CBD Products – we only use air and water. Stirling’s Pure CBD extraction process gives us an amazing cannabinoid profile in our CBD gummies that other companies cannot match.

High Potency & Better Ingredients

Stirling uses only organic hemp for our gummies and other CBD products. Stirling’s growers carefully cultivate each hemp plant at our proprietary farms to ensure we get the quality biomass needed. We have strict standards of production to create the best gummies.

Stirling combines the best hemp plants with our ultra-clean extraction to make the best CBD infused gummy drops. After the CBD Oil is extracted, we combine the oil with amazing additional ingredients – all organic – all the time! Our CBD gummies are gluten-free, Vegan, and non-GMO to give you the best gummies.

Great Price Point & Amazing Customer Service

Making the best CBD Gummies is not good enough. Stirling not only wants to deliver quality products, but we also believe in selling them at affordable prices.

Fantastic customer service is also part of our mission. Do you have a problem with your order? We will fix it. 

And do not worry if you are still unsure which product to choose. To describe the wide range of options that exist, we provide exactly the information you need to make a good and sound choice.

Stirling delivers the best gummies and products at a price that makes sense.

What Kinds of CBD Gummies Does Stirling Sell Online?

CBD Energy Gummies

Stirling CBD Energy Gummies are your dependable companion for the energy you need in the morning or afternoon. These gummies are not a Red Bull; they will not help pump your blood with sugar and caffeine levels. Instead, our Energy Gummies allow you to feel the same intoxication without the shakes that the main energy drinks and edibles cause. They provide the focused energy boost you seek without getting you jacked up and stressed.

20mg Full Spectrum CBD+CBDA+CBGA Per Serving

50mg Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans

L-Theanine, Vit. B12, CoQ10 added

Pectin based w/ beet sugar and tapioca syrup

CBD Immunity Gummies

These CBD Immunity Gummies boast not just 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD, but also a blend of exceptional additional components aimed at maintaining your immune system in peak condition. Alongside the inherent benefits of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Black Elderberry, and Echinacea, these gummies feature Stirling’s Full Spectrum CBD, rich in an array of cannabinoids, including CBDA & CBGA, that cater to your body’s needs.

20mg Full Spectrum CBD+CBDA+CBGA Per Serving

Vit. B12, C, and Zinc

Black Elderberry and Echinacea

Pectin based w/ beet sugar and tapioca syrup

Pure CBD Gummies

The Pure CBD gummies are made with Broad Spectrum CBD derived from Federally legal industrial hemp. Broad Spectrum CBD means you get all the benefits of the Hemp extract minus the THC. These are non-THC gummies, so all the goodness of CBD is received, and you can feel confident when taking this CBD product.

33mg Broad Spectrum CBD / THC-Free

Help calm the body and mind

33mg per Gummy

30 Gummies per Jar

Additional Ingredients in our CBD Gummies

Stirling not only takes pride in our CBD, but we also take pride in creating the perfect formulas for your specific needs. Enhancing our Gluten-free gummies with exceptional additional ingredients, Stirling Gummies provides significant health advantages, including optimizing absorption, boosting bioavailability, and minimizing caloric intake. Ultimately, when indulging in CBD gummies, maximizing health benefits remains a top priority.

Organic Beet Sugar

While other companies use cane sugar in their gummies, Stirling uses Organic Beet Sugar in all our gummies. Beet sugar delivers distinct benefits compared to cane sugar. Here are some of them, to name a few: reduced calorie content to improve absorption and decreased exposure to pesticides and genetic modifications. 

If you ask us, compared to organic cane sugar, beet sugar is far superior.

Citrus Pectin

To make the best CBD gummies, Stirling uses Pectin instead of gelatin. Pectin is made from apple or orange fiber, making it organic and vegan, improving CBD absorption. These are also gluten-free and non-GMO CBD Gummies. Other companies use gelatin as the base for their gummies – made of animal cartilage (yuck!).

Organic Tapioca Syrup

While some competitors resort to high fructose corn syrup in their gummy formulations, Stirling opts for organic tapioca syrup in all our CBD Gummies. Tapioca syrup offers superior health advantages over corn syrup, boasting fewer calories, gentler effects on the digestive system, and decreased exposure to pesticides and genetic modifications. To craft top-quality CBD gummies, tapioca syrup stands as the preferred ingredient compared to cane sugar.

Natural Color and Flavoring

Stirling cannot cut corners to make the best CBD gummies. 

Stirling only uses organic hemp extract. We only use premium-grade full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD extracts. Moreover, we love organic ingredients, so our products contain all-natural flavorings and colorings. 

Consider, for example, our mixed berry-flavored gummies. These are meticulously prepared with essential oils derived from berries. Our tropical fruit CBD gummies are also infused with essential oils extracted from guava, mango, and various berries.

Energy Gummies Additional Ingredients Breakdown and Benefits:

  • Vitamin B12 – For overall health and well-being of some body organs, such as the human heart
  • Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans – For the energy you want without the jitty feeling you get from conventional roasted coffee.
  • CoQ10 – For a healthier heart and balances your blood sugar levels.
  • L-Theanine – For stability of your body, which promotes calm and clarity

Immunity Gummies Additional Ingredients Breakdown and Benefits:

  • Echinacea – For the production of white blood cells and protects the body from harmful pathogens.
  • Bioperine – For improving metabolism and supporting healthy weight management.
  • Black Elderberry – For its ability to enhance circulation and support the body’s natural defenses.

CBD Gummy Drops Additional Ingredients Breakdown and Benefits:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD – Powerful 33mg formula
  • Citric Acid – Present in fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes, it has great health benefits and is a natural preserver

Broad or Full Spectrum CBD: Which One is Better?

The primary distinction between broad-spectrum CBD gummies and full-spectrum CBD Gummies lies in their THC content. You are probably asking what these CBD spectrums are. In the world of CBD, three different types of hemp extract are available to produce CBD gummies:

Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD Gummies

This CBD product contains all the 115+ cannabinoids naturally derived from the hemp plant, EXCEPT THC. Broad Spectrum Gummies are THC- Free Gummies by definition. 

In a Broad Spectrum CBD, all THC is extracted. Since THC-free, some consumers prefer broad-spectrum CBD gummies since they do not want any THC ending up in their system.

Full Spectrum CBG Gummies

Full Spectrum CBD gummies contain some THC in them. As their name implies, Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are made using Full Spectrum CBD oils. This means you get all the 115+ cannabinoids, including THC. To be federally legal CBD Gummies, they must have less than .3% THC.

CBD Isolate Gummies

Stirling does not carry CBD Isolate gummies. Why do you ask? 

CBD Isolate gummies contain only pure CBD, without any of the additional, minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Stirling does not sell gummies with just CBD. We find that broad-spectrum CBD gummies have better therapeutic benefits than CBD Isolate Gummies. 

Some of the minor cannabinoids (and they are quite useful) found in hemp are absent in CBD Isolate gummies. These compounds would include all the 115+ cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including CBG, CBDA, and CBGA. We believe in the power of the entourage effect so we only sell the Broad and Full Spectrum gummies.

The Strongest CBD Gummy

Stirling’s solventless process gives you the strongest CBD gummies available. With all the 115+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including CBDA and CBGA, your body will get the full benefits of taking CBD. Our energy gummies, immunity gummies, and CBD gummy drops provide the exact amount of potent cannabinoids you need to deliver the goodness you seek when buying CBD gummies.

Natures CBD gummies

Nature gave humans an amazing gift – the cannabis plant – of which the hemp plant is a particular breed. CBD Gummies based on the hemp authority regulations ensure maximized purity and consistency.

You want the hemp in your nature CBD Gummies to have been grown in the U.S. – this assures a quality level not found in imported hemp and reduces pollution due to shipping. Stirling goes the extra mile and only sources from U.S.-grown organic hemp; that’s even better.

What are the Potential Benefits of CBD Gummies?

While we have doctors on our staff and doctors and pharmacists developing our CBD Gummies, Stirling gives anyone medical advice. For any medical assistance or inquiry, please see your healthcare provider, especially if you have any chronic pain conditions or chronic mental health concerns.

Experienced CBD users find there are many benefits to CBD Gummies. Some of those potential health benefits include:

Pain Relief

Whether a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product, CBD Gummies can reduce swelling and inflammation. They are also excellent pain relievers.

You need a quality, natural remedy for pain relief when you are in pain. CBD Gummies for pain can help alleviate pain after a workout, whether joint or muscle pain.

Our hemp-derived CBD helps relieve pain and joint pain after a hard day of work. They allow the body to relax and heal itself.

Relieve Stress

We know that you are busy and need to take time to chill. We understand how crucial it is to get the stress relief you seek. It is great news then that our CBD gummies can produce these good effects. 

CBD in our gummies interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system and puts your body in a more balanced state. Taking CBD can help your body get into the groove you require.

Improve Sleep Quality

Let’s be honest; not getting enough sleep sucks. Enhanced sleep is one of the potential advantages linked with CBD consumption. All of our CBD Gummies (except our Energy Gummies) help relax you and get you ready for sleep – it is important to pick the right gummy for your needs. If getting a good night’s sleep is your #1 concern, Stirling has CBD gummies designed explicitly for improving sleep quality – including our Delta 8 and Delta 9 Sleep Gummies.

Bio CBD gummies

The bio-availability of your CBD gummies is critical – Stirling’s goal is for your body to absorb as much of the CBD in the gummy as possible. Stirling works hard to maximize the Bio-Availability of our CBD Gummies, and we achieve this in a few ways to make the best CBD gummies:

We use all-natural, vegan ingredients, like Pectin – which is made from apple fiber & orange fiber. Pectin has significant advantages over Gelatin – including a much higher melting temperature.

It is also worth recapping our use of Beet Sugar and Tapioca Syrup instead of cane sugar and corn syrup. These critical differences ensure you are getting the best CBD gummies available.

CBD Gummy Drops

Our CBD-Infused Gummy Drops provide you with the advantages you are looking for. All Stirling products are Pure. Proven. Tested. Each gummy drop CBD has the perfect amount of CBD for the benefit you are looking for.

For instance, the CBD Energy Gummy and CBD Immunity Gummies have 20mg of Full spectrum CBD Per serving, while the CBD Gummy Drops have 33mg of Broad-spectrum CBD in them. You need more Broad-spectrum CBD in your serving to get the right effects than Full-Spectrum CBD, as the Broad Spectrum is not as potent.

What to Look for When You Buy CBD Gummies Online

Several crucial factors merit consideration when purchasing CBD Gummies via online platforms. Here are Stirling’s recommendations on what to consider:

3rd Party Tested CBD Gummies

You want your CBD Gummies to be tested by a reputable 3rd Party. All Stirling CBD Gummies are tested to ensure we give you pure CBD products. We include a QR code on each bottle of CBD gummies with a link right to our 3rd Party Testing. This ensures you get legal CBD and that the CBD gummies do not fall under the Controlled Substances Act. Our testing proves you get legal CBD when buying CBD-infused gummy drops online.

Organic Hemp

When purchasing CBD Gummies or any other CBD Products, you want to ensure they come from USA-grown hemp plants. Products that are made from the mentioned material are federally legal. On the other hand, those that come from the marijuana plant might get you into trouble.

Broad Selection – Broad spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum CBD products

Does the company you are purchasing CBD Gummies from have a broad selection of well-thought-out products? If you are not careful, you might buy a snake oil. Stirling has a fantastic portfolio to offer you the right selection for your specific needs.

Purchasing CBD Gummies Online

When you are buying CBD Gummies online, there are a few essential things to consider. Check them all out below:

Buy Gummies from a Reputable Company

What are customers saying about the company? What kind of reviews are customers leaving for the company? It is critical to get honest feedback to ensure the company you buy CBD Gummies from has good standing.

Are the CBD Gummies Tested?

Third-party testing is essential to any CBD product you buy – it proves what is in the product and what is not. So ensure you are getting Pure. Proven. Tested. Products like Stirling’s Line up of Pure CBD Gummies.

Make sure you get Gluten Free Gummies

Gluten-free gummies are beneficial not only for those who are gluten-sensitive. Using a natural remedy like our plant-based Pectin instead of animal-based Gelatin makes these gummies easier on the digestive tract, more bio-available, easier on the environment, and much less heat sensitive. Stirling’s CBD edibles include everything you want in a CBD Gummy.

Buy CBD Gummy drops online.

Stirling CBD Gummies are readily available for purchase. You can find them on Stirling’s website or through authorized retailers. By ordering online, you are giving yourself the convenience of receiving your order right at your doorstep. 

Additionally, because they are very popular, many CBD retailers carry Stirling Gummy Drops CBD, making them easily accessible for you to enjoy.

Why does Stirling make the Best CBD gummies?

Stirling THC-Free Gummies, Immunity Gummies, and Energy Gummies distinguishes themselves as top choices. The reason behind this is due to their exceptional quality, potency, and taste. 

Crafted with organic ingredients such as pectin and tapioca syrup, each CBD Gummy boasts Stirling’s distinctive formulations, ensuring a delectable taste experience and catering perfectly to those seeking organic and vegan options.

Stirling’s Gummy Drop product comprises 33mg of pure Broad Spectrum CBD, while the Energy Gummies and Immunity Gummies are 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. Buying from Stirling, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality product that delivers the potential benefits of CBD.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are delicious, convenient edibles infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a natural compound derived from the hemp plant. Stirling CBD Gummies are specifically crafted to present a pleasurable and discreet method for CBD consumption, alongside potential therapeutic effects. Crafted with precision, these gummies are a popular choice for those seeking a flavorful alternative to other CBD products.

How long does it take for CBD Gummies to take effect?

The initiation of effects from CBD gummies differs for each individual and is impacted by factors like metabolism and personal body composition. In general, users may begin to feel the effects of Stirling CBD Gummies within 30 minutes to an hour after consumption. This designated timeframe facilitates a gradual and consistent release of CBD into the bloodstream, fostering a feeling of calmness.

Will CBD Gummies make me high?

No, Stirling CBD Gummies are formulated to contain minimal THC (less than 0.3%), ensuring that they do not produce the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. These gummies are crafted to provide the therapeutic benefits of CBD without inducing a “high,” making them suitable for users who want to experience the wellness benefits without the mind-altering effects.

How much CBD is in each gummy?

Stirling offers a diverse range of CBD concentrations in their gummies to cater to different user preferences. For example, the Energy and Immunity Gummies contain 20mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving, providing a consistent and measured dose for users seeking specific effects. The Pure CBD Gummies boast an even higher concentration with 33mg of broad-spectrum CBD, offering a potent option for those requiring higher CBD content.

Are CBD Gummies legal?

Yes, Stirling CBD Gummies are legal as they are derived from hemp, which contains less than 0.3% THC, complying with federal regulations. It’s important to note that hemp-derived CBD is legal, while marijuana-derived CBD is subject to different regulations. Stirling adheres to these regulations to ensure the legality and safety of their products.

Can I overdose on CBD Gummies?

No, Stirling formulates their CBD Gummies with precise CBD concentrations to minimize the risk of overdose. It’s crucial to follow the recommended serving size provided on the product to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. While CBD is generally well-tolerated, exceeding recommended doses may lead to potential side effects, emphasizing the importance of responsible consumption.

Are there any side effects of CBD Gummies?

While CBD is generally well-tolerated, individual responses may differ. Some users may experience mild side effects such as dry mouth, drowsiness, or changes in appetite. Seeking advice from a healthcare professional can offer tailored insights into CBD usage and help address any apprehensions regarding potential ramifications.

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