Stirling Franchising and Wholesale Programs


Want to Run your own Business?

Own a Stirling Franchise!

Do you love CBD and believe 100% in CBD’s ability to improve people health?

Have you thought about going into the CBD business but not sure where to start? Would you be interested in working with a Leader in the Industry like Stirling whose U.S. based owners worked in the cannabis market for 10+ years while also working for companies like Amazon, Nordstrom and HP?

We know CBD, but more importantly we know business. Like a Rocketship, Stirling can get you off the ground and help you with everything you need to start your own business:

Stirling Franchising packages start at $7,500.

To find out more email us at and we will send you a simple questionnaire to help us focus on the right areas.

Just want to buy Stirling in Bulk?

Stirling Wholesale Program

If you want to buy Stirling Oils in bulk (24 units + of a single product), please email us at and let us know what specifically you are interested in. We have both Stirling Labeled and non-labeled products for you to purchase for quick sales and quick profits.

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