• Complete Full Spectrum Solution
  • Solventless Extraction
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  • Maximum CBDA Content
  • Solventless Extraction
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  • Full Spectrum + Water Soluble Liquid
  • Easy to Mix into your Products
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  • Maximum CBGA Content
  • Solventless Extraction
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  • Pure CBD with no THC
  • Solventless Extraction
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  • Purest CBD Isolate available - 99.4%+ Pure
  • 0.0% THC
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The Purest CBD Isolate for Sale
Stirling’s strict production standards ensure you are getting the purest, most potent CBD Isolate for Sale. Each order comes 3rd party testing results proving our superior quality. Each order comes with the Certificate of Authorization showing the lab results of every order which goes out.

Feel confident as the lab results you get will show 0.0 % THC. Zip. Nada. None. Just Pure CBD.

What is the Difference Between Pure CBD Isolate or CBD Powder?

CBD Isolate is 99.2%+ Pure, Oil Soluble, and great for topicals. CBD Isolate can mix it with MCT oil to make your own Tinctures.
CBD Powder is 20%+ Pure, Water Soluble, with 10X the bioavailability when digested through the stomach. Easy to add to anything you eat.

Why Buy CBD Isolate or CBD Powder from Stirling?
Our CBD Isolate comes from U.S. Grown, Industrial Hemp under the strictest of growing standards. We have Certifications from the best growers, producers, and Govt. Agencies and stand by our products like no other CBD Company.

Our Cold-pressed CO2 extraction process is the most natural, efficient way to get CBD from the Hemp plant. We don’t use harsh chemicals (ethanol, Butane, etc.) like other CBD companies to get the organic Hemp oils out.  Natural way to get our Pure CBD Isolate for Sale.

Stirling supplies only premium whole-plant hemp ingredients, sustainably grown on US family farms, processed into bulk ingredients in the US, and then manufactured in FDA-compliant facilities with 3rd party quality assurance.
What is Pure CBD Isolate Used for?
If you ever want to make your own CBD products, this is the perfect solution for you. It is tasteless, odorless, and Oil Soluble. The superfine powder is easy to use and easy to mix into any oil product.

What can you do with Pure CBD Isolate?

Make your own tinctures by mixing them with MCT / Hemp Oil / Saffron Oil, etc. Try out your own lotion recipe with the Isolate.
Mix with some massage oil for a CBD massage
Put in your favorite shampoo, make some soap or a moisturizer.
Have fun and experiment!

Whatever reason you are buying our isolate, you can trust Stirling CBD Isolate to sell you only the highest-quality CBD Isolate for Sale.
What is CBD Powder Used for?
If you ever want to make your own CBD products, this is the perfect solution for you. It is tasteless, odorless, and Water Soluble. The superfine powder is easy to use and easy to mix into any Oil product.

What can you do with Pure CBD Powder?

This CBD Powder dissolves 100% in water – so you can use it in Gatorade, in a protein shake, etc.
Mixes great – takes a couple of minutes to dissolve (like a protein powder)
It can be used in any food or drink you want to ingest through your digestive system (eat),

Buy CBD Isolate Online. Stirling CBD has a 0.0% THC Guarantee!
Because our product is so pure, it makes the math each Gram of Stirling CBD Isolate has 1000mg of CBD.

CBD Isolate Sizes:

5G = 5000mg
10G = 10,000mg
25G = 25,000mg
50G = 50,000mg
100G = 100,000mg
250G = 250,000mg

Ingredients – CBD Isolate

Premium Ingredients - Certified Testing


Our products are 100% natural CBD, free of artificial additives and chemicals. We have products with both THC and 0% THC, so you can rest assured that you are getting the CBD that works the best for you.


All our products are thoroughly tested by both First-Party and Third-Party laboratories to ensure they contain only high-quality CBD. We never sell any of our products until we receive third-party reports.


We do not sell any product unless it adheres to the strictest US guidelines of product purity. Our CBD range adheres to the strictest quality standards in a World-Class testing facility.