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CBD Powder
– 100% Water Soluble
– 10X Bioavailability
– Dissolves Completely
– Pure CBD Crystals

$39.99 - $599.99

New Water-Soluble CBD Isolate Powder

+ 10X the Absorption of Oil Based CBD Isolate when swallowed

+ High MG to Weight Ratio

+ Completely Dissolves in Water in a few minutes

+ Use for CBD Water, CBD Protein Shakes, CBD Preworkout and so much more


Our Stirling’s newest generation of Water Soluble CBD Isolate Powder is here! Our master chemists have worked hard and the results are amazing. We took CBD’s therapeutic properties and made it into this unique water-soluble, easy-to-use powder that has scores of uses.

It’s the perfect solution when you want to use CBD Powder in your sports drinks, blended smoothies, stick packs, or good old-fashioned water. Our Water Soluble CBD Isolate Powder can also be utilized in various applications, including ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs), shots, blended powders for encapsulation, stick packs, and more.

CBD Powder – Perfectly Mixes with Water

Water Soluble CBD Isolate with a spoon

Mix with water, your favorite sports drink, or put on a smoothy. Our CBD Crystals mix perfectly with water (takes 2-3 min) and creates a perfect way to get your CBD. Stirling’s chemists accomplish this by converting cannabinoids into water-soluble emulsions in powder form in a standard concentration of 20% CBD by weight.

Water-Soluble CBD vs. Fat-Soluble Science CBD

Fat-soluble means that the product or can be absorbed by fat and in the lymph. Fat-Soluble products are transported in the blood with carrier proteins. Examples of Fat-Soluble vitamins are A, D & K.  Unlike CBD Powder, Fat-Soluble products can be stored in the liver and fatty tissues. The fact Fat-Soluble can be stored means that they can also build up to high levels when consumed in excessive amounts. It is very important to stick to the guidelines on how much is necessary and how much is dangerous with Fat-Soluble products.

Water-Soluble products are easily dissolved and can be excreted in the urine. Examples of water-soluble vitamins are C & B, and our CBD Powder and CBD Crystals. If your body has too much water-soluble product, your body just gets rid of it. This does not mean that you can take these in unlimited quantities. There still can be problems with taking huge quantities, so upper limits have also been set for the water-soluble vitamins. You can find detailed information on sources, requirements, functions, and upper limit levels for all vitamins at the USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Taken Orally – Our CBD Powder has 10X more Bioavailability than Oil Based Isolate

Preparing to get her CBD Water

Because we made this product for ingestion, our water-soluble cannabinoids demonstrate much higher bioavailability than their oil-based CBD Isolate counterparts due to their smaller particle size and the change in chemistry imparted during the emulsification process. Simply put – these next-generation ingredients hack our bodily system, producing a more pronounced effect in a shorter time. With up to 10X absorption, your body will really feel the effects of this product.

Purest CBD Powder Crystals Available

CBD Water in the Mountains

With Stirling, you know you are getting the cleanest & safest CBD Powder. Any product ordered comes with our Certificate of Analysis from the nation’s top Third Party testing facility. Like all our products, our Water Soluble CBD Powder is made in an FDA Registered, Food grade Facility and GMP Certified. Basically, our manufacturing facility can make food for the countries best restaurants.

Stirling’s Water-Soluble CBD Powder has a versatile 20% CBD load (200mg/gram). This variety allows for broad use in liquid and powder formulations. Because this format is more bioavailable, water-soluble powders make an excellent addition to almost any CBD product type – and because we sell CBD Powder in bulk – you can customize is available to meet application-specific needs in both liquid and powder formats.

Alone, these water-soluble CBD powder cannabinoids can come across as slightly bitter due to the smaller particle size and soluble format. But don’t let that scare you. At common finished goods serving sizes and proper flavoring and masking practices, the finished product will not only taste great but be stable and consistently deliver the amount of CBD claimed on the label – a combination that most of the industry still struggles with today.

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Thomas H.
I recommend this product
Short term effect?

Not entirely sure but I noticed that the positive effects of CBD on me is quite short-term.

Ed W.
I recommend this product
Still haven't received the product or my 20% off introductory offer.

I guess the title says it all up to this point in time.

Marion W.
I recommend this product
dissolves easily

Surprised that it dissolved completely with water. I was expecting that there would be leftover particles. Product is top-notch!

Bruce M.
I recommend this product
better than expected

no aftertaste and worked great

Roy R.
I recommend this product
Goes well with my protein shake

CBD powder goes well with my protein shake.

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