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Water Soluble CBGA Powder

  • 10% of total cannabinoids by weight
  • Solventless Extraction
  • Robust Terpene Profile
  • Federally Legal and Contain Less than 0.3% Delta 9


  • 10% of total cannabinoids by weight
  • Solventless Extraction
  • Robust Terpene Profile
  • Federally Legal and Contain Less than 0.3% Delta 9
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I recommend this product

Out of stock and no measuring spoon

They let me buy a 20g option that didn’t exist. After a brief negotiation, we settled with both parties happy. So I recommend. I wish they included a dosage spoon.

Richard S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

An ideal solution for every day.

I did not expect such a cool result from CBDA Powder, but I am 100/100 satisfied. I definitely feel an improvement in my well-being, I have become more focused and calm, and this has finally increased my productivity at work and I got the promotion I wanted. It is very good that there is no psychoactive effect, only a charge of energy and strength. I like to just drink it dissolved in water, without extra additives, before leaving the house. The perfect solution for every day.

Frequently asked questions

What is CBGA?

CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is the parent cannabinoid that serves as the precursor for other major cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG.

How does CBGA convert into CBG?

CBGA undergoes decarboxylation when heat is applied, losing its carboxyl group to transform into the neutral cannabinoid CBG.

Does CBGA make you sleepy?

There is no evidence that CBGA has any sedative effects. Its potential benefits are still being researched.

Can CBGA make you high?

No, CBGA is non-psychoactive and will not produce any intoxicating “high” effects.

Is CBGA difficult to extract?

Yes, extracting pure, high-quality CBGA is challenging and requires specialized techniques like Stirling’s solventless cavitation method.

Water Soluble CBGA Powder DESCRIPTION

Although CBGA is a minor cannabinoid, it can still provide the known health benefits we typically associate with other cannabinoids. CBGA is the “grandparent” of acidic cannabinoids, which give birth to those major cannabinoids we deeply love. Found in a hemp or cannabis plant, CBGA can be turned into powder to enjoy its potential medical benefits.

CBGA is believed to produce good effects on the human body. Some even suggest it may even help an individual with cardiovascular issues. But of course, these are all subjects for more in-depth clinical research.

Stirling offers its powerful and versatile water-soluble CBGA powder. This product is safe, and most importantly, it is THC-free. Incorporating our unique CBGA powder gives you an elevated and enhanced CBD experience.

Stirling Water Soluble CBGA Powder Product Information

Product name

Stirling Water Soluble CBGA Powder


CBGA Isolate Powder, CBGA Water-Dissolvable Powder


10% Active Cannabinoids – 100mg of Powder – 10mg CBD

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)

Because CBGA is still new to the CBD industry scene, more research studies are needed to confirm its possible health advantages. Based on some preliminary research, below are some of the potential medical benefits of CBGA:

CBGA Research and Colon Health

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBGA is gaining attention because it shows promise in supporting colon health. This is just one of the possible therapeutic benefits of CBGA.

Because it is a parent compound to other major cannabinoids, CBGA is blessed with a unique biochemical activity. To be specific, CBGA demonstrates an ability to control or even stop excessive cell growth without impacting healthy cells.

Research studies discovered that CBGA may regulate abnormal rapid cell proliferation. It can also disrupt the development cycle of harmful tissue masses. By modulating this kind of colon cell growth, CBGA can prevent the development of unhealthy cells.

Other studies also indicate the possibility that CBGA could accelerate the programmed cell death of problematic colon tissues. Such ability could assist the body in removing dysfunctional cells.

CBGA Research and Heart Health

Researchers also recommend CBGA as a potential supplement that promotes heart health because of its protective effects. They argue that CBGA displays inhibiting properties toward the enzyme aldose reductase. This ability could impact desirable overall heart health.

CBGA could also help prevent plaque build-up along blood vessel walls. By counteracting this process, CBGA contributes to maintaining healthy blood flow that might lead to certain issues in the circulatory system.

CBGA Research and Intestinal Well-Being

The non-intoxicating hemp plant compound CBGA is gaining attention from many researchers because of its potential ability to soothe irritated intestinal tissue. Some scientists believe CBGA can interact with the body’s anti-swelling response, including that which occurs in the human gut region.

Studies have shown that CBGA can provide targeted pain relief and comfort when the body is undergoing distress because of intestinal abrasion. The soothing effect can be attributed to CBGA’s capacity to appease irritated nerves.

Anecdotal reports also state that when you consume CBGA, you are allowing your body to rest, to initiate recovery and self-healing processes. CBGA, thus, can help your intestines function properly when stressed.

CBGA Research and Metabolism

Although it requires further research, the foundational compound CBGA could also help improve one’s metabolism. This effect can help many individuals, such as those who are aiming for weight loss. CBGA products could support a pleasant and efficient metabolism to utilize energy and sustain a healthy weight.

Early testing of CBGA may influence how cells distribute and store fat, glucose, and other dietary components. This effect could lead to better balance, which may happen immediately after eating and during fasting between meals. Specifically, CBGA may assist cells in unlocking fuel contained by adipose tissues.

What is CBGA?

CBGA means cannabigerolic acid. This is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in both hemp and cannabis plants. Thus, CBGA cannot produce the psychoactive effects THC is known for.

CBGA is recognized as an acidic precursor to CBG among young hemp and cannabis plants. Very little medical research is done on CBGA since most studies are concerned about other cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. More human trials should be required to confirm CBGA’s potential medical benefits.

If you are new to the CBD world and you’ve heard the title, “Mother of All Cannabinoids,” this is a reference to CBGA. The reason behind such designation is that CBGA is a precursor cannabinoid for THCA, CBDA, and CBCA (the three cannabinolic acids that lead to the three musketeers THC, CBD, and CBC).

Therefore, without the mother cannabinoid CBGA, there will be no THCA, CBDA, or CBCA. Ultimately, we cannot enjoy CBD, THC, and CBC.

Early studies about CBGA suggest that it can benefit the human body. However, these studies are mostly in vitro, or within the glass, conducted outside of the body of animal models.

Today, certain cannabis and hemp breeders began experimenting with plant genetics and post-harvesting methods to produce plant species rich in CBGA. The purpose is to harness its therapeutic potential.

How does CBGA work?

CBGA stands for cannabigerolic acid, which is a minor cannabinoid. CBGA is present in both hemp and cannabis plants. As the young cannabis plant matures, CBGA will interact with specific enzymes that will transform it into major cannabinoids. CBGA becomes raw cannabinoids: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid (CBCA).

The biochemical processes mentioned above continue, and these lead to two things:

  • Decreasing levels of most CBGA content and
  • Increasing amounts of acidic cannabinoids such as THCA, CBDA, and CBCA.

If there is remaining CBGA in mature hemp or cannabis plants, it will undergo another process called decarboxylation. Here, CBGA becomes CBG when the plant is dried or heated.

Even though there are limited studies on CBGA, some researchers suggest that this parent cannabinoid may interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). As it interacts with the ECS, it influences the same endocannabinoid receptors that well-known cannabinoids do.

For example, CBGA may fit into CB1 and CB2 receptors like THC and CBD. When CBGA docks with CB1 and CB2 receptors, it may alter their signaling. The outcome of this interaction could explain the possible therapeutic benefits of CBGA.

Researchers are still learning the exact mechanisms of action of CBGA because a majority of studies are focused heavily on two cannabinoids: CBD and THC. The basic idea we can come up with for now is that CBGA, similar to many cannabinoids we know, works by interfacing with the innate human ECS and modulating its signal. In summary, this raw cannabinoid could prompt our built-in endocannabinoid pathways leading to favorable effects on our health and well-being.

Why should you try water-soluble CBGA powder?

A water-soluble CBGA refers to an innovative supplement formulation that allows the parent cannabinoid to be fully dissolved in water. Below are some good reasons for you to try water-dissolvable CBGA powder:

Easier Dosing

Stirling’s powder format for CBGA leads to accurate and customizable serving sizes. Our formulation allows you to dial in your optimal CBGA dose precisely compared to approximating spoonfuls of CBD oil.

Fewer Additives

Unlike CBD oil tinctures, Stirling’s CBGA powders are pure compounds. They contain zero carriers, preservatives, and flavors. We believe this significantly minimizes other needless ingredients making their way into your body. Consuming our isolate CBGA powder gives you a purer supplement experience.

Enhanced Versatility

CBGA powders are easy to mix with your preferred foods and beverages. The powder form of cannabigerolic acid could smoothly blend into your edibles without separating or leaving oil residues. Most importantly, you can create your one-of-a-kind well-customized CBGA-infused creations that promote holistic wellness.

Better Bioavailability

Traditional oil-based CBGA possesses low water solubility. Thus, this product could limit how much CBD your body can absorb and utilize. Water-soluble CBGA powder dramatically improves bioavailability, meaning more of the compound will enter your bloodstream for maximal effects.

How to enjoy CBGA through Stirling’s water-soluble CBGA powder

Mix it into your drinks.

Are you into smoothies, shakes, milk, yogurts, or fruit juices? These beverages are a perfect choice to blend Stirling’s water-soluble CBGA powder. For your hot drinks, you may always add CBGA powder after heating or before cooling your tea, coffee, or milk. High heat has good effects on CBGA’s potency.

In some cases, people would not want to consume CBGA powder only because of its bitter taste. To mask it, they incorporate the CBGA powder into their chosen beverages.

The outcome is you are not only enjoying your favorite drinks, but you’ll also get to boost your endocannabinoid system anytime of the day via Stirling’s water-soluble CBGA powder.

Add it to your foods.

Your cherished recipes could also be infused with Stirling’s high-quality water-soluble CBGA powder. You can stir it unseen into melted butter for your lobster dips, creamy pan sauces, sauteed veggies, eggs, and more. Your runny casseroles and mouth-watering soups will work well, too.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Stirling’s water-soluble CBGA powder can be added to your oats, hummus, yogurts, or even salad dressings. The neutral, fine powder is light enough not to overpower most dishes’ original essences.

You can customize the dosage, too.

Finding your “sweet spot” with CBGA powder could take patience and time. But by gradually upping your intake, you can determine how much CBGA powder works well with you. Stirling water-soluble CBGA isolate powder allows you to customize your dosage easily. Our product comes with different weights so you can attune yourself to the effects of CBGA.

We know that our CBGA needs may fluctuate, so we have varying potency of CBGA powder for your easy customization.

Have fun with it!

As you have already realized, our CBGA powder is very versatile. You can easily incorporate this CBGA powder into any of your cherished drinks and foods. You can even change up how and when to take Stirling water-soluble CBGA powder to keep your CBGA experience more interesting.

Product Direction

Usage direction

  1. You may use a small scoop or scale to accurately measure the preferred dosage of our best CBGA powder.
  2. Our CBGA powder can be taken on its own. By placing it under your tongue, you can expect the effects in a matter of minutes. The potential medical benefits of CBGA could kick in, as well.
  3. You can also consume our CBGA powder by mixing it with your everyday foods and drinks. This masks the bitter taste of CBGA powder isolate.
  4. Once dispersed in water/drinks, stir, blend, or shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds to fully dissolve the powder before consuming.
  5. Taking CBGA with a source of dietary fats could work, too. This may increase the absorption of the minor cannabinoid.
  6. CBGA’s effects may be felt 30 minutes after consumption. Generally, the effects will require 60 – 90 minutes to fully manifest.
  7. For newbies, follow the start slow, go low principle. Gradually increase the dosage of powdered cannabigerolic acid to find the optimal amount to meet your wellness goals.

Storage direction

  1. Keep our CBGA powder sealed tightly at room temperature. You may also store it in a cool and dry place, such as in your cupboard or pantry.
  2. Once opened, minimize the exposure of the CBGA powder to light and humidity.
  3. Keep this product away from children and your beloved pets.

Stirling Water-Soluble CBGA Powder Review

Richard (North Carolina) – An ideal solution for every day.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I did not expect such a cool result from CBDA Powder, but I am 100/100 satisfied. I definitely feel an improvement in my well-being, I have become more focused and calm, and this has finally increased my productivity at work and I got the promotion I wanted. It is very good that there is no psychoactive effect, only a charge of energy and strength. I like to just drink it dissolved in water, without extra additives, before leaving the house. The perfect solution for every day.

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Why Buy CBD Powders from Stirling?

Our Solventless Extraction is Unique.

Stirling uses solventless extraction in our manufacturing processes, unlike other brands that prefer solvent extraction. Using this method, we gently and organically remove the trichomes from the hemp plant. The trichomes are the sticky substance of the hemp plant where all the cannabinoids are; they are what Snoop Dog calls the “Sticky Icky.” Our unique solventless extraction process freezes the trichomes by putting the hemp bio-mass in distilled ice water.

The ice water freezes the trichomes, which crystallizes them. Once the trichomes are frozen, we put the hemp flower through some pipes where they encounter an impeller that rotates at 20,000 RPM. This creates micro-bubbles, which hit the frozen trichomes and break them apart.

This is called “Cavitation,” a process only Stirling uses; it ensures you get the cleaned, purest CBD powder available in the market.

Stirling does not use CO2 Extraction or Ethanol Extraction to make our CBD powder product – we only use air and water. This Pure CBD extraction process gives us a great cannabinoid profile in our CBD powder isolates.

Our CBD Isolates Have High Potency and Are Made from Better Ingredients.

Stirling uses only quality ingredients for our water-friendly CBGA powder. We carefully cultivate our hemp plants and ensure they meet our strict production standards.

Stirling combines the best hemp plants with our ultra-clean extraction to make the best CBGA powders.

We Offer Great Price Points and Amazing Customer Service

Making the best water-soluble CBGA powder is not good enough. As a customer-centered hemp company, Stirling wants to bring you quality products at affordable prices. We have a great lineup of products with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Our customer service options include a chat tool on our company website (with a real person), a direct phone number connecting you to a real person, and you can always email, which will be responded to by a real person. We have real people everywhere:)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is CBGA extracted?

Selective breeding enables reliable CBGA extraction as the interest grows for the lesser-known cannabinoid. Through selective crossing of cannabis sativa strains, certain phytochemical phenotypes can be emphasized over others. This targeted approach increases concentrations of CBGA in harvested plant material. While still resulting in balanced cannabinoid and terpene profiles, strategic breeding maximizes the desired CBGA levels for downstream extraction.

What is CBGA used for?

CBGA has a wide range of uses, both for the cannabis plant itself and for promoting human wellness.

Serving a Vital Role in Cannabis Growth

Within the maturing cannabis plant, CBGA fills an essential function – stimulating programmed cell death of unneeded leaves to allow more robust flowering. The compound accumulates heavily in small resin glands during bloom phases to signal key pruning processes for optimal bud yields. This initial purpose fuels CBGA’s rise as an emerging therapeutic supplement.

Unlocking CBGA’s Health Support Potential

While often converted downstream into popular cannabinoids THC and CBD, preserved CBGA extract displays promising medicinal properties of its own. Recent simulations and cell studies indicate anti-swelling potential, brain-protective effects, and metabolic regulating effects.

Can CBGA make me fail a drug test?

No, CBGA should not make you fail a drug test.

Most standard workplace or legal drug tests screen for the presence of THC – the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes a “high.” CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is a different cannabinoid that, by itself, is non-psychoactive and does not cause intoxication.

Unlike THC, CBGA is not targeted in mainstream drug testing. As long as the CBGA supplement you are taking is clearly labeled as containing 0% THC and you avoid full-spectrum hemp products containing even trace residual THC, supplementing solely with pure CBGA isolate or distillate should not put you at any risk of failing THC-sensitive drug tests.

Is CBGA present in CBD oils?

No, CBGA is generally not present in most CBD oils.

During the CBD oil production process, cannabis plants go through decarboxylation (heating), which converts CBGA and CBDA into CBG and CBD. This decarboxylation step removes acidic precursors like CBGA, leaving the activated neural forms CBD, THC, CBG, etc, primarily behind.

How does CBGA become CBG?

Within growing cannabis plants, the parent cannabinoid CBGA dynamically converts into an array of bioactive compounds over time. Through the process of natural decarboxylation, CBGA loses its acidic carboxyl group and becomes the neutral form – CBG. Understanding this chemical process illuminates how cannabis cultivates therapeutic qualities.

Is CBGA present only in cannabis plants?

No, CBGA is not exclusive to a raw cannabis plant. While the most common and abundant in cannabis varieties, CBGA has also been identified in industrial hemp plants as well as other botanical species.

What are carboxylic acids?

Hemp plants naturally produce different types of carboxylic acids. Some of them are cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). The acidic acids will eventually transform into THC and CBD.

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