The use of CBD or Cannabidiol increased a whopping 212% last year. Not only has it been legalized in almost all 50 states, but there has been many news reports, articles and studies done over the past couple of years talking about CBD and it’s health benefits.

CBD has also been noticed by different large beverage companies, such as Coca-Cola who have expressed interest in creating new drinks and adding this as an ingredient. With all the attention CBD is getting, it is interesting to note that over 50% of CBD users are in the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations.

What makes CBD so popular in these generations? Well, Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the hundreds of ingredients found in cannabis. What makes it special is that it doesn’t have a psychoactive effect on its user. It has been garnering a lot of attention because of its health benefits. CBD is mostly known as an organic remedy for pain and your joints, but can also be of help to a number of different conditions such as severe joint pain, insomnia, and illnesses in the nervous system. As we might be aware of, people who suffer from these types of conditions are mostly those who are in their late 40’s and above.

Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers’ Use of CBD

Older gentlemen playing chess in the park. Wearing shite shirts and white hats. These seniors use Stirling CBD for mental health.

Baby Boomers are those who were born from 1946 to 1964. This generation had a lot of experience with cannabis. It did not matter if they smoked marijuana or not, people from this generation knew about Cannabis, and there were claims even back then about its health benefits. Of course it was illegal, so many chose not to use it. Generation X’ers (also known as the “middle child” of generations) are those who were born on 1965 to 1979. Next to Baby Boomers, Gen X is the 2nd biggest purchasers of CBD.

Recently, there has been a number of changes in the Cannabis industry. One of the most important changes is the clarification about the clear separation between Hemp and Marijuana. What is the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana? They are actually variations of the same plant. This chart below outlines the differences.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Stirling only use Legal U.S. Grown Hemp in it’s CBD products, and therefore it has no marijuana and no THC. CBD is most commonly known for pain relief, it has been used by these two generations to fight off the aches and pains of aging. When we age, that is when we usually start to suffer from chronic pain like arthritis, headaches, and backaches.

Health Benefits of CBD

A doctors arm is outreaded to a patients arm. The doctor is about to place a blood pressure monitor of the patients arm. This doctor prescribed CBD to her pateint.

Aging is a big factor as to why Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers are using CBD. As we age, we tend to catch different diseases or develop conditions. CBD has been proven to be a great natural alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) medications. There is also a report that there has been a decline of men and women purchasing OTC medications. Below are some of the conditions CBD can help with.

1. Improves Coordination

Coordination Loss is a disorder of the nervous system that affects a person’s movement. People who have this disorder gradually loses control of his or her body, particularly the hands, fingers, and even the mouth. This condition mostly affects those who are above 60 but can affect younger people too. Although CBD is not a definite cure for loss if coordination, it can help manage its symptoms. It offers relief to its users since it can help relax the body and reduce tremor.

2. Pain

Pain has to be one of the most common uses for CBD. Based on this article from US News, CBD is now being used by some physicians in their practice. They prefer prescribing this because unlike other OTC pain medications, CBD doesn’t cause liver or kidney issues. This is also a common sign of aging which is one of the reasons why Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers are using CBD. Here are some examples of pain CBD can help with:

  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Chronic Pain

3. Circulatory System Concerns

High Circulatory System stress is a big concern for everyone. When your blood pressure is 140 over 90 or higher, or when just one number is higher over a number of weeks. People who have this have a higher a risk of heart attack or stroke, and can also cause heart and kidney disease. This is another condition that mostly affects older people. There is a study that proved that a single dose of CBD can improve this situation. CBD helps by reducing mental stress which helps with your overall health.


4. High Glucose

This is a condition wherein your blood glucose levels are too high, and your body does not make or use insulin well enough to remove glucose in your blood. Having high blood sugar can cause heart disease, stroke, and can also damage your eyes, kidneys, and nerves. According to an article by Forbes, how cannabis can be of help to this condition is its anti-swelling properties. It can also help stabilize blood sugar, improve circulation, and prevent nerve inflammation. CBD can also help reduce insulin resistance and help make it easier for people  to lose weight by fixing their endocannabinoid imbalance.

5. Brain Functionality – Stress and Bad Mood 

Aside from pain, anxiety is also one of the most well-known conditions CBD can help with. Based on this research found in NCBI, anxiety was reduced within the first month of use on almost 80% of the patients they tested it on. They also observed that CBD is tolerated better than prescription psychiatric medications. Reducing anxiety can also be of help to those who have sleeping problems. This is due to the fact that anxiety has been linked to the cause of lack of sleep.