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Vitamin Capsules
– CBD + 15 Vitamins
– Iron, B12, C & More
– Daily Health Cap
– 750mg CBD Total

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Stirling has combined 25mg CBD with 100% DV of 15 Vitamins and minerals in each capsule for the perfect healthy combination.

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CBD Capsules + Multivitamin

Stirling CBD combined 25mg CBD with 100% Daily Value of 15 Vitamins & Minerals in each capsule for the perfect healthy combination.  Our CBD Capsules + Multivitamin Formula a great product to replace your current vitamins and get your daily CBD.

Stirling’s Multivitamin Formula has been specially formulated by our Board Certified Pharmacists to deliver the exact ingredients, in the right dosage, to help keep your body functioning at 100%.

And don’t waste money on CBD Gummy Bears. For the same price, you can get the best CBD Capsules + Multivitamin formula from Stirling CBD Oil. Plus, our CBD Multi-Vitamins are not covered in sugary gelatin.

CBD Capsules + Multivitamin Ingredients:

Ingredients      Amount /Serving        % DV
Vitamin A                   40,000 IU                800%
Vitamin C                   60 mg                        100%
Vitamin D                  400 IU                       100%
Vitamin E                   60 IU                         200%
Vitamin K                   120 mcg                    150%
Vitamin B1                 1.5 mg                       100%
Vitamin B2                1.7 mg                       100%
Vitamin B3                20 mg                       100%
Vitamin B6                2 mg                         100%
Folic Acid                  400 mcg                   100%
Vitamin B12              10 mcg                      167%
Biotin                         30 mcg                     10%
Pantothenic Acid    10 mg                        100%
Iron                           18 mg                        100%

Iodine                       150 mcg                    100%


750mg CBD Total

25mg CBD per capsule

SERVING SIZE:  1 Capsule

CBD Capsules Multi-Vitamin

Great for people who already are taking CBD or vitamins and want the benefits of both


As a dietary supplement, Adult take one (1) capsule d