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Stirling’s Powerful CBD Lotions 400mg & 1000mg

Stirling Oils powerful new CBD lotions come in 400mg & 1000mg Menthol Lotion, 400mg & 1000mg Aloe Vera Lotion, and 400mg Lavender Lotion.

We think these lotions are is not only the best CBD lotion you can find, we think it is one of the best lotions available in the market, period.

Extensive testing with thousands of ingredients, hundreds of formulations and hundreds of testers have helped guide us to the perfect formula.

Stirling’s CBD Lotions bring you the optimum amount of CBD in each application. This means you will feel the effects of the CBD lotion immediately. Our CBD lotions will help to reduce your pain and inflammation.

Our specially designed airless pump bottles protect the ingredients and our Pure CBD.  By using the airless pump, we prevent air from touching the lotions, so you get the freshest, most powerful CBD lotion possible. In addition, our airless design dramatically increases shelf life.

All Stirling CBD Lotions are:

– Never Tested on Animals

– Organic, Vegan,

– Non-GMO produced

– No THC

CBD Lotion for Pain

  • Our CBD lotions can help with pain caused by working hard at the gym or at your job. The CBD enters right where it should and started working right away.

CBD Lotion to Reduce Pain & Joint Pain

  • Swelling comes from heavy usage of your hands, feet, and joints can cause discomfort and aggravation. Our Menthol & Unscented powerful CBD lotion can be applied directly to the source with immediate results.

CBD Lotion to Relax

  • Soothing unscented and menthol formulas can be put on your temples and neck to help your body relax and repair. Your body and your mind will love our potent CBD lotion.