Stirling Oils CBD Affiliate & Influencer Program

You want to make extra monthly income without having inventory? Do you believe in Stirling CBD strongly enough to be a Stirling Affiliate or Influencer and spread the Good News?

Stirling Oils takes pride in our products and our partners. Therefore, we created an affiliate program that rewards people for promoting, evangelizing, and selling Stirling Oils CBD.

We are selective, but if you have what it takes to sell Stirling CBD and make customers happy – you can make some good money. If you feel that your website, your social media page, your personal group, or overall affiliation has enough clout, send an email to with the following estimates:

  1. Your website traffic statistics (if applicable)
  2. Your estimated monthly volume estimate
  3. How you plan on achieving your monthly goals

If you are the leader of your community or leader of your small social group, we want people who have been positively influenced by Stirling CBD to share their stories and make a commission.

We’ll get back to you within a week with our feedback.

By joining our Affiliate Program, you will get a specialized link to share on your site, newsletter, group or social media page that is directed towards the Stirling website. You receive commission from all orders that are generated via your link, and your customers will get a discount. Once in the system, Stirling will provide you with monthly reports where you can see your referrals, reports, commissions, and more.

Thanks for being a Stirling Affiliate / Influencer!

*Affiliate Program does NOT apply to referred wholesale orders, just retail.