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Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

CBD has documented benefits for many different ailments. Just google NIH (National Institute of Health) and type in “Benefits of CBD” – you will find some great Medical Research on CBD.

Some also use it as a daily general health supplement. CBD has beneficial qualities that can ward off health issues and improve overall wellness. While our customers love CBD, some people may wonder- does CBD show up on drug tests

Some people use CBD to treat specific medical conditions and symptoms, as it can help with everything from pain, to swelling and help you get a better night’s sleep.

As CBD comes from a type of cannabis plant (Federally legal industrial hemp), customers ask logical questions about the potential risks of using CBD.

For instance, will marijuana (another type of cannabis) accumulate in your body, and will it show up on a drug test? CBD’s good news is actually very safe to use, but of course, the devil is in the details.

Here’s a guide on CBD, THC, and drug tests.

The Difference Between CBD and THC

Let’s talk about two different types of compounds in cannabis CBD and THC. To oversimplify, CBD is to Hemp what Vitamin C is to Oranges. Other foods have Vitamin C, but oranges have a very high concentration of CBD.

This differs from THC. Marijuana plants are typically very high in THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants – which is known to make you high. It’s known to make users feel euphoric, happy & often hungry. It also delivers a soothing, tingly body buzz.

CBD can also be found in cannabis plants. However, its effects are very different from the effects of THC. CBD gives you no psychoactive effects and is used purely for medical purposes.

It can help relieve a whole host of medical symptoms. As a result, it’s seen as a purely therapeutic chemical, making it legal to use in many cases.

Most drug tests look for THC. THC is a fat-soluble compound that, even at low levels, can build up in your system. Drug tests look for THC in your hair, urine, or blood.

It is a straightforward compound to detect. While the legal limit of THC is only 0.3%, people have failed drug tests who have taken CBD with this small amount of THC in it.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? 0

If you are concerned about drug tests, take products that contain no THC & tested them by a 3rd party to prove 0%. By taking CBD with 0% THC, you won’t need to worry about any upcoming drug tests.

Additionally, CBD is both safe and legal to use, and therefore all drug tests we are familiar with do not search for CBD.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? 0

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

As mentioned, all the standard drug tests we have encountered for either employment, military, or academic purposes do not test for CBD at all. Instead, these tests only search for THC metabolites in the body, as THC in the test usually indicates marijuana for recreational use.

In other words, CBD will not show up on a drug test that looks for THC – and since all tests we have encountered do not test for CBD – you can use CBD without any worries.

The cannabinoid is very different from THC, and, as such, employers and other such institutions do not worry about people using CBD for their private medical purposes.

According to international health organizations, CBD is very safe to use. With this said, while CBD is very safe to use without the risk of failing, if you are concerned about drug tests, you should avoid products THC – even in small amounts.

Some CBD products come with higher levels of both THC and CBD. High levels of THC  must be avoided if you want to pass a test.

Will You Fail a Drug Test After Taking CBD?

When you use pure CBD products with no THC (like many Stirling Products), you won’t need to worry about failing a drug test. However, there are products sold in the market by Stirling and other companies with both THC & CBD. These products may show up on a drug test and, therefore, should be avoided.

Once again, CBD products which contain 0.3% of THC are not even worth the risk. While they contain a small amount of THC, THC can accumulate and be stored in your fat cells. Over time, with heavy use, THC can show up on a drug test.

When it comes to products such as more than the federally legal 0.3% THC, these should be avoided at all costs if you are worried about drug tests. While many people use these purely for medical use, they most definitely can cause you to fail a drug test.

If you have a drug test coming up and you’ve taken THC, there are ways to avoid failing. Research suggests that 80-90% of THC will be flushed out of your system within 5 days of consumption. Those who have a test coming up before will often drink excessive amounts of water and use detox drinks to mask THC in their urine.

However, for those using CBD-only products, there is no need to worry about a drug test.

Is CBD Legal to Use?

While many states still deem the use of THC and marijuana illegal, CBD is legal in all 50 states. This is due to the Farm Bill, a law that makes the production and use of hemp legal for all US citizens.

However, there are certain conditions. Legal CBD products must come from hemp plants vs. marijuana plants. They must also have 0.3% of THC or less. This trace amount is not enough to make you high or give you any negative side effects.

It’s important to ensure you get safe and legal CBD products if you live in an illegal state. Of course, Stirling CBD offers a range of legal, hemp-derived CBD treatments. These are all legal to buy and use across the states without any need for a prescription.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests? 0

Is CBD Safe to Use?

CBD has some powerful medical effects on the body. It can relieve pain fast and lower stress, relax the body and nervous system, improve skin health, and even fight some aggressive health issues. But, like with any medical treatment, some users may wonder if there are risks involved with taking it.

However, CBD is a very natural and safe treatment. In fact, CBD is regularly lauded for its high safety profile. Even the World Health Organization notes that CBD has no health risks and no potential for abuse.

CBD is non-addictive, and there have been no reports of someone overdosing on CBD. This makes it extremely safe to use, especially with some other medical treatments that often come with serious side effects. In addition, it’s useful for people of all ages and can treat numerous medical symptoms risk-free.


If you want to use CBD to treat an illness or improve your health, then go ahead. It’s safe and legal to use and will not show up on a drug test. With that said, it’s important to avoid CBD products with high levels of THC. These may leave some THC metabolites in your system, which can be detected on a drug test.

When you use hemp-derived CBD products with 0% THC, you won’t need to worry. However, CBD products with 0.3% THC are at risk, and anything above this should be avoided. So does CBD show up on a drug test? The answer is that Pure CBD will not show up on a drug test – but CBD + THC can and often will show up on a drug test.

This makes Stirling CBD products with no THC a great option for those who want a safe and natural way to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis plants.

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