In the following article, we’ll take a look at why CBD capsules make a smarter and more economical choice than CBD gummies. This comparison does not include Delta 8 THC products, like our Delta 8 GummiesDelta 8 Sleep Gummies, and Delta 8 Vapes.

CBD gummies are increasingly being promoted as an effective and easy way to take CBD, but there are several reasons why you would be better off choosing CBD capsules. CBD gummies may be the ‘coolest’ option out there, but they’re far from the most effective way to experience the potential health benefits that CBD may offer.

It seems that everywhere you look, companies are promoting CBD multivitamin gummies as the best way to take CBD, but what’s the real story on gummies vs. capsules? Let’s take a look at what some of the advantages and disadvantages of gummies and capsules are.

Below, we’ll break down what the advantages and disadvantages of CBD gummies and CBD capsules are. Hopefully, it will allow you to make a more informed decision about what CBD delivery method is best suited to you and your circumstances.


The Advantages of CBD Capsules and Gummies?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and CBD gummies and CBD capsules are no different. To help you make a more informed decision about which delivery method is better suited to you, we’ll run down a list of various factors that you need to consider and what their pros and cons are.

Some of the different things that we’re going to look at are:

  • • The cost comparison between gummies and capsules
  • • How much CBD do you get in pills compared to gummies?
  • • What some of the other healthy ingredients that capsules contain that gummies don’t
  • • Why tablets may be a better option for symptom-specific problems
  • • The absorption rate of gummies versus capsules and why it’s so important
cbd capsules or gummies

CBD Capsules are Less Expensive than CBD Gummies


One of the most significant factors that anyone considers when they’re making a choice about which CBD product suits them is the price. If you’re new to CBD products, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying the most expensive products and expecting them to be the best.

With almost everything, you don’t always get what you pay for, and a little bit of research goes a long way to preventing you from wasting your money.

While those CBD gummies may look delicious and tasty, they are one of the most expensive ways to buy CBD. They’re also usually full of sugar to make them taste better. So, while they may look delicious, they can also be one of the least effective ways to get your daily dose of CBD.

When you start weighing up how much CBD you’re getting per gummy, and how effective those gummies are, you begin to realize you’re paying a very high price for your CBD.


Capsules Contain More CBD than Gummies

Whenever you’re looking at buying a product such as gummies or capsules, check out what the total active amount of cannabidiol (CBD) is on each product. It will tell you on the label how much active CBD the product contains.
a hand holding a gel capsule

Next, look at how much CBD you’re getting per serve and how many serves there are in the product. Reputable CBD companies and brands are always going to display how much CBD you’re getting clearly.

CBD capsulesare designed to be absorbed more readily by the body and deliver a consistent dose of cannabidiol. Gummies, on the other hand, sit in the digestive system and rely on the enzymes in the body digesting them.

The digestive system can be a fickle beast, and it isn’t always a consistent process. 

Capsules deliver more CBD more consistently than gummies and aren’t as affected by what’s happing in your stomach as the gummies are.

CBD Capsules Contain Additional Healthy Ingredients


One of the many advantages of capsules over gummies is that the capsule delivery method allows other healthy ingredients to be added. Vitamins can be added to the capsule because of the protective coating of the capsules.

The ingredients and preservatives in the gummies that are part of how they retain their shape and form don’t always allow for all types of vitamins and nutrients to be added.


Capsules Are Better For Symptom-Specific Treatments


Because CBD capsules are more absorbent and consistent than gummies, they offer better symptom-specific treatment options. Edibles such as gummies aren’t always regular in the way your body breaks them down.

This inconsistency means that the CBD isn’t processed in the same way each time and may not consistently treat your symptoms. With Stirling CBD’s Sleep Capsules, Muscle & Joint Capsules, and Multi-Vitamin Capsules, you get to choose from other natural ingredients combined with CBD.

This inconsistency isn’t great for providing consistent treatment for specific symptoms and makes edibles a less reliable option when compared to capsules. Capsules are broken down consistently and provide the CBD to be released into the bloodstream in a more even manner.

CBD Capsules Offer Better Absorption


One of the most essential factors that you need to consider whenever you’re thinking about taking either gummies or other edibles over capsules is the absorption rate or bioavailability. 

Whenever you’re looking at the bioavailability of a medication, it considers how much of the compound makes it to its final destination and how quickly.

When you take gummies, they have to be processed via the digestive system. This process can vary depending on how much you have eaten, what you have eaten, and how your body digests different compounds.

CBD Capsules on a table with a leaf

The coating on capsules helps to ensure that the CBD is absorbed by the body more evenly and prevents a lot of the CBD from being destroyed when it’s passing through the digestive system.




For many people, the taste of natural CBD oil can be quite off-putting. The bad taste leads them to seek different options, such as gummies. What many people fail to consider is the ineffectiveness of gummies.

There’s a reason the best medicines and supplements come in capsule form. It’s one of the most effective delivery methods for different supplements in the body. There’s no bad taste to worry about; they are better for you, more economical, and deliver consistent results. CBD Capsules vs. Gummies comparison is a good one, but the results are not close.

The next time you’re looking at CBD products, give a close look to our capsules. Your body and your wallet will thank you!

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