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Five Lies CBD Companies Tell

What are the top 5 lies CBD companies tell? There are many ways fake CBD companies lie to you - including fake celebrity endorsements, making false claims about what CBD can cure, mislabeling products, the list goes on and on.  1st let's point out that there are many Quality, Reputable CBD companies. These quality CBD

How Is Delta 8 Made?

Everyone’s talking about Delta 8 THC. Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever tried Delta 8 products, you’re probably just as curious as we were about how it’s made and where it comes from. In our previous article on Delta 8, ‘What Is Delta 8 THC?’ we took a close look at what Delta

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Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

CBD has documented benefits for many different ailments. Just google NIH (National Institute of Health) and type in "Benefits of CBD" - you will find some great Medical Research on CBD. Some also use it as a daily general health supplement. CBD has beneficial qualities that can ward off health issues and improve overall

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Is The Entourage Effect Real?

CBD companies that sell “Full-Spectrum” CBD products claim their product is better because of an “Entourage effect.”But is it true?The words "Entourage Effect" and "Full-Spectrum" get bounced around a lot by CBD companies promoting their products.But, what really is the "Entourage Effect, " and is the Entourage Effect Real? Let's take a prescriptive look behind

CBD for Your Health – Does CBD Help?

CBD for Your Health Research While a good bit of research on cannabis products has looked at the use of marijuana, CBD oil as a standalone product has begun receiving more attention as its availability and popularity has increased 200X in the past year. With all this hype about CBD - what do studies

By |2021-08-28T07:44:39-04:00October 23rd, 2020|CBD for Athletes, CBD Health Benefits, Science of CBD|Comments Off on CBD for Your Health – Does CBD Help?

Pure CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD – Which One Should You Choose?

One of the hottest topics in the CBD world today is the simple question, "What is the best type of CBD?" And for a good reason. With CBD's health benefits heavily trending on the internet, there is a lot of CBD information, and CBD misinformation found on the web. But what is Pure CBD

How Much CBD Should I Take? Use This Calculator To Find Out

Wondering how much CBD you should take? So do a lot of people. The good news is that our Calculator helps take some of the guesswork out. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are increasingly becoming one of the most popular general health and wellness products around the world. More and more people are turning to this

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