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Five Lies CBD Companies Tell

What are the top 5 lies CBD companies tell? There are many ways fake CBD companies lie to you - including fake celebrity endorsements, making false claims about what CBD can cure, mislabeling products, the list goes on and on.  1st let's point out that there are many Quality, Reputable CBD companies. These quality CBD

What is Delta 8 THC?

What Is Delta 8 THC? There’s a buzz going through the cannabis industry, and the only thing people are talking about is Delta 8 THC! There’s nothing like a new product to get the cannabis world talking, and it seems lately that everyone is talking about Delta 8 THC. We know what you’re thinking,

Is The Entourage Effect Real?

CBD companies that sell “Full-Spectrum” CBD products claim their product is better because of an “Entourage effect.”But is it true?The words "Entourage Effect" and "Full-Spectrum" get bounced around a lot by CBD companies promoting their products.But, what really is the "Entourage Effect, " and is the Entourage Effect Real? Let's take a prescriptive look behind

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil? What is better and why?

In 2018, the introduction of the Farm Bill made the production of industrial hemp legal in the United States. Soon to follow was the legalization of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, with restrictions varying from state to state. Since this legalization, a surge of cannabis-related products has flooded the market with various labels and

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Why Have CBD Capsules Become So Popular?

As CBD becomes more popular, people are starting to look at the most effective way to get their CBD, and one of the most exciting ways to do that is CBD capsules! For many people, CBD oil was a great addition to their daily life. CBD is increasingly becoming popular across the United States

CBD Carriers – Which one is the Best? MCT vs. Hemp Oil vs. Water Based

What is the best carrier for CBD Tinctures? MCT vs. Hemp Oil vs. Water-Based CBD The most important consideration for purchasing CBD is the quality of the product. The second most important consideration is the medium (carrier) of your CBD Tincture & oil. Unless you are buying CBD Isolate, CBD is not the only

What Do People Use CBD For?

As a leader in the Science of CBD, people often ask Stirling CBD Oils, "What do people use CBD for?" The next question is usually "Does CBD work?" or "Why use CBD?" These are all great questions, and you came to the right place to find information on CBD. Many CBD companies (I won't

Is it True that the US. Government has a CBD Patent?

...Wait, What??? The same Govt. that has kept CBD illegal for 100 years? Yes, it is true! There is a U.S. CBD Patent The Patent was issued to the U.S. Government under the Dept. of Health and Human Services. The CBD Patent was originally filed in 1999 and awarded a patent in 2003 -

Why is Stirling the #1 CBD for Chiropractors?

Stirling CBD is Chiropractor's #1 Choice for CBD. You may wonder why Stirling makes CBD for Chiropractors. The easy answer is, Stirling CBD loves to be recommended by doctors whose #1 goal is to help people feel better. CBD can help Chiropractors in that mission. In Stirling's humble opinion, Doctors of Chiropractic (DC's) are

CBD Isolate vs. Extract. Which is Better?

Like most other products and medicines extracted from plants, CBD comes in many forms – from crystalline isolates to oil tinctures, from vapes to dermal patches, and from topical salves to suppositories. Figuring out what CBD Oil to buy is a difficult, and often a personal choice. Whatever your preferred method of taking CBD

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