Stirling CBD is the Purest CBD Available. Since 2014, Stirling has planted, grown, and produced the highest quality CBD from Organic, U.S. Grown Hemp. We make Pure, Potent, and Tested CBD.

We Guarantee

We believe in the Science of CBD. Stirling fact-checks all our articles and provides real links to real research papers and university studies.

Highest Quality Products

All of our products are 3rd party tested by reputable, established testers like Eurofins & ACS. We will not sell any product until we know it is Safe & Effective.

People before Profits

Efficient and smartly run, Stirling keeps our costs low so we can offer your better products at better prices. We compare our pricing to the competition weekly – and we know we have them beat.

Where did these Values come from? We are glad you asked.

Stirling Early Days

It all started in 2014, when we bought our 1st Farm. An amazing piece of land in Santa Cruz County, California. Mountain top. Great views, sea breeze, with warm days and cool nights. Perfect for growing Cannabis.

Redwoods Everywhere

Our Cannabis & CBD was amazing. We grew in small batches, working the soil and using organic materials. We believe in Karma and taking care of the land.

Stirling CBD Hemp & Cannabis products were known in California as the best of the best. We would never sacrifice quality to make a buck. Only downside…we had to keep our product in California. It was still 2014.

Stirling CBD won awards from both environmentalists and the Cannabis industry for our commitment to quality, the environment, and customers. Soon, we were in scores of California CBD Dispensaries. We were helping people, changing their lives for the better.

We focused on customers and focused on Science. We were helping people and it was awesome. We heard stories about how Stirling helped a mom with some challenges her kids were having in school.

How Stirling CBD helped a U.S soldier sleep through the night for the 1st time in years. How it helped another soldier reduce his stress & anxiety. We know our CBD helps people, that is proven. Scientists are still working on the exact way CBD oil alleviates pain.

However, there ’s evidence that cannabidiod affects the body’s endocannabinoid system (a complex system of cell-to-cell communication) to reduce inflammation. Along with contributing to brain functions like memory and mood, the endocannabinoid system influences how we experience pain.

We heard how athletes were using Stirling Oils to improve performance, reduce pain, and recover quicker. United States Anti-Doping Agency, has approved pure CBD (Like Stirling) for use by American Olympic Athletes, but NO THC and NO Full/Broad Spectrum is allowed. Only CBD from Isolate.

When you buy CBD or Hemp Oil Online, make sure it Pure CBD, like Stirling to get the quality you need.

Growth Phase

Stirling’s Sweet Home – Carolina 3 years later – 2016. Things in California were going smoothly. Stirling has an amazing, stable grower. We have a talented crew of workers. We work with the best processors in California, and the CBD still stayed in California. I trusted the team. Business was good.

So we opened up our second Headquarters in North Carolina. Good news is that Stirling is now bi-coastal. National.


Just 2 years after moving to North Carolina, the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018 was passed by congress.

The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to grow Hemp anywhere in the U.S. What a great opportunity. Above all, this meant Stirling can take our formula which worked so well in California and reproduce it nationwide.

We had some work to do to find out where to take the recipe from our small farm in California and reproduce it to help everyone, everywhere. Our small farm in California was not big enough to make our goals happen. With this said, we needed more land.

Settled on Kentucky – it had the soil, climate, and regulations to take our small batch company and reproduce it exactly. We put Kentucky Farmers back to work.

The Foundation for CBD - Done Right.
Every Plant we grow for Stirling CBD is grown in Kentucky with the same standards we always had.
Every MG of CBD came from the same vision we had in California 6 Years ago. The farm in California is still operating and keeping people employed & customers happy.
Thanks for reading our story. It is funny where business takes you, but we had the chance to make people's lives better and put some really great people back to work.
Our Promise
We will only sell CBD that is Pure, Potent, and Tested.
We want Scientific conversations in the CBD community. No snake oil salesmen making false claims.
Stirling will maintain the values we had when we started… Product Quality and Customer Service.
Stirling cares more about you than profit. If you don’t like our product, return it.
We will respond to all customer questions/email/phone calls.
Every Employee at Stirling Cares. Stirling is CBD Done Right.
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